Couples book Pre Wedding shoots with the photographers a couple of months before the actual wedding. Some couples book the shoot to get comfortable in front of the camera, and they will often use their images to add an extra personal touch to their wedding. We bring you 9 benefits of a Pre-wedding shoot and why it should be the essential part of your wedding!

Even married couples should also go for shoots like these at every milestone of their married life!

1. Get a hair and make-up trial

Wedding is the biggest day in one’s life. Who doesn’t want to appear the best version of them on this important day? Getting a Pre wedding shoot will give you a chance to ‘try out’ different hair styles and make up. While going through the professional photos of your Prewedding shoot, you can suggest your style team if you want any adjustments made for your wedding.

2. Get rid of Camera Consciousness

We all get camera conscious when the attention is entirely on us. Getting rid of camera nerves is very important to get great photos on your D-day. Some people are camera shy and they don’t have any idea of what to do. Having a shoot with your photographer prior to the wedding makes you comfortable in front of the camera and builds a rapport with your photographer.

You’ll get an understanding of how your photographer will direct you on your wedding day to get the best images. You’ll be at ease on your Wedding Day!

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